Season Tip-Off: Day 1 Recaps

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Day 1 Recap:

Virginia 128 at Indiana 132

MVP: Mel Daniels 22 pts, 15 rebs

Reggie Miller, Mel Daniels, and George McGinnis all hit the 20 point plateau as the Pacers hold off a better than expected Squires team to win their home opener. The Squires, led by Vince Carter’s 25 points, spent the most of the night chasing the Pacers without ever taking the lead after the first quarter.

Seattle 137 at LA Lakers 140

MVP: Magic Johnson 19 pts 8 assists

In an early showdown between Western Conference powerhouses, the Lakers held off a furious Supersonic rally to claim a season opening victory. The Supersonics trailed by as many as 15 in the final quarter before a furious rally, aided by Shaquille O’Neals horrible 8 for 15 free throw shooting before a late Magic Johnson basket sealed the win.

Chicago 140 at Miami 143

MVP: LeBron James 43 points, 4 rebs, 3 assists

Round 1 of James vs Jordan did not disappoint as the two superstars combined for 84 points. In the end, it was James’ Heat that came away victorious after rallying from a 6 point fourth quarter deficit thanks to a 2:1 free throw advantage. Still, James was brilliant in the win, scoring most of his 43 in the second half after picking up 2 quick fouls early.

Portland 106 at Phoenix 121

MVP: Shawn Marion 36 pts, 11 reb

Marion came off the bench to lead all scorers to help the Suns to a comfortable win over the visiting Trailblazers. Nash was adept at handling the high powered Phoenix offense, dishing at 11 assists while also scoring 14 points. Portland’s silver lining came in Bill Walton’s amazing 16 point, 18 reb, 9 block performance despite being shackled with 5 fouls for much of the 4th quarter.


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