About the League

Like most kids growing up in the 80s, I was addicted to video games. From Pac-Man to Mario Brothers, I played a ton. But when it came to sports games, I always preferred board games. Even today’s games still don’t compare to a good simulation game.

For my money, nothing could beat Statis Pro Basketball for a good replay. It had everything a good game needed: smooth game play, accurate stats, short game time, and great action.

Avalon Hill’s Statis Pro Basketball ceased after the 1994-95 season, but there’s a strong group of people keeping the game alive. The game has a presence on BoardGameGeek. You can still find up-to-date cards in the original base-8 style being made by Phil Graham.

Inspired by the current renaissance in board gaming and the new found version of the classic game, I created a super league of teams based on their greatest players of my life time, which encompasses the greatest the league has had over the last 40 years.

This time frame works great for a couple of reasons. One, it allows the inclusion of the old ABA. Teams like the Pacers, Colonels, and Nets show up in the league to not only add some great players but also adding some competitive balance.

Secondly, while some may wonder how I can leave out greats from the 60s like Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain, the rebounding statistics from the 60s would simply skew the league too greatly. Not even Dennis Rodman’s best years would be able to compete with them, making the Celtics, Warriors, 76ers, and Lakers unstoppable juggernauts.

Regardless, this league is not without huge star power. The Lakers and Celtics may be the favorites, but any number of teams could win a title. Be sure to see the Team Overview pages to see a list of teams and their players.

All teams that have existed in the ABA and NBA have had their players absorbed into one of 30 teams. Most teams names stay the same, but I have changed some teams that relocated back to their traditional name or simply kept some of the cool ABA team names in favor of NBA teams. Specifics are found on the team overview pages.

As I was putting this project together, my 11 year old son expressed interest in it and wanted to put us in the game, much like he does with NBA 2k’s My Player. In the end, we modeled ourselves after our favorite NBA players (Bird for me, Curry for him) and placed ourselves on teams that would not be favored for the title (or in the top-10 in winning percentage in the time span included). For me, I picked the Bucks who hadn’t one a championship in the time frame and had only one really outstanding player (Jabbar). He selected the Kings, a team that has a surprising amount of depth given the lack of success they’ve experienced in 40 years.



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