NBA Records


  1. Dominique Wilkins, 56, Atlanta vs. Dallas
  2. Rolando Blackmon, 48, Dallas vs. Phoenix
  3. Michael Jordan, 45, Chicago vs. Philadelphia
  4. LeBron James, 43, Miami vs. Chicago
  5. Alonzo Mourning, 42, Charlotte vs. Cleveland


  1. Spencer Haywood, 26, Denver vs. Indiana
  2. Skip Thoren, 20, Virginia vs. Denver
  3. Ben Wallace, 19, Detroit vs. Pheonix
  4. Bill Walton, 18, Trailblazers vs. Suns

Red Robbins, 18, Memphis vs. New Orleans


  1. John Stockton, 14, New Orleans vs. Houston
  2. LeBron James, 13, Cleveland vs. Charlotte

Chuck Williams, 13, San Diego vs. Seattle

  1. Michael Ray Richardson, 12, New Jersey vs. Miami

Chuck Williams, 12, San Diego vs. Golden St.


  1. Bill Walton, 9, Portland vs. Phoenix
  2. Bill Walton, 8, Portland vs. St. Louis
  3. Billy Paultz, 5, New Jersey vs. Cleveland

David Robinson, 5, San Antonio vs. Phoenix

Mark Eaton, 5, New Orleans vs. Memphis

Andrew Bogut, 5, Milwaukee vs. Boston

Shaquille O’Neal, 5, St. Louis vs. Kansas City

Spencer Haywood, 5, Denver vs. Virginia

Dominic Lee, 5, Milwaukee vs. Buffalo

Rich Kelley, 5, New Orleans vs. Houston


  1. Michael Ray Richardson, 4, New Jersey vs. Cleveland

Julius Erving, 4, Philadelphia vs. Chicago

John Stockton 4, New Orleans vs. Houston

  1. Rick Barry, 3, Virginia vs. Indiana

Jerry West, 3, LA Lakers vs. Seattle

Clyde Drexler, 3, Houston vs. Charlotte

Field Goals Made:

  1. Rolando Blackmon, 23, Dallas vs. Phoenix

3pt Field Goals Made:

  1. Kyle Lowry, 6, Virginia vs. Kentucky

Free Throws Made:

  1. Moses Malone, 13, Houston vs. New Orleans

Triple Doubles
LeBron James 31 pts, 11 rebs, 13 asts Cleveland vs. Charlotte


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